Watercolor flower cards

About a month ago I took a couple of classes online from Alisa Burke.  This inspired me to try watercolors again.  Watercolor artwork is something I admire, but I struggle with managing the colors, the water and all of that to make something recognizable.  These watercolor flower cards are my try at working with watercolors.… Read More Watercolor flower cards

Tag Art

Decorating a tag is a project that puts me at ease.  I think of it as a warm up exercise.  The tag is small, and there is no anxiety about covering all that blank space.  I like to stain my tags with tea.  It’s a pretty simple technique. Make tea. After brewing take the used… Read More Tag Art

El Nopal

Let’s talk about the weather!  Around this time in Arizona it’s hot, every day.  And it’s going to be hot for a few more months.  I endure it.  Somewhow for me it is more appealing than a long and cold winter. Summer in the desert is a good time to get some crafting done.  You… Read More El Nopal