DIY Coffee filter fall wreath

This coffee filter fall wreath is so easy to make, you can finish it in an hour.  The most dangerous part is the glue gun.  I already burnt myself twice.

Here is what you need to gather up:

A straw wreath (or foam)

Coffee filters (I used brown to help me with the colors)

Acrylic paints


Hot glue gun

Coffee filter wreath supplies

Add a ribbon to your wreath to make a hanger.

Coffee filter wreath4

Paint the coffee filters with various colors.  Instead of using a paint brush I used a piece of cardboard and just randomly spread paint.

Coffee filter wreath1

Once your paint is dry squish your coffee filter in a flower-like shape.

Coffee filter wreath2

And start gluing on your wreath starting with the outermost side first.

Coffee filter wreath5

Keep on gluing filters all the way around.  I had total of 3 layers before I reached the inner part of the circle. Basically cover it so the straw wreath doesn’t show, or shows very little.



When you are all done, fluff up the filters a little bit to make the wreath fuller.  Hang on your door and enjoy!

Coffee filter wreath

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