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Being published started when I accidentally saw a ‘Call for Artists’ on Stampington’s web site.  They were looking for work about ‘Art to wear on Valentine’s Day’.  I was going through some soul searching at the time and was taking a sewing class at the local community college.  I thought that I could put my newly acquired sewing skills to use and submit some work.  I sent out two pieces:

1.  An apron made from scratch

2. An apron made from an old pretty skirt I picked up at the thrift shop.

Months went by and I didn’t hear anything from Stampington.  My inner critic was torturing me daily.  I was silencing it by making stuff all the time and waiting patiently to hear back from Stampington.

One day a copy of Belle Armoire showed up in my mail.  I found it strange as I didn’t order a copy, and I never heard if my work was selected.  ‘It must be a consolation price’ I thought to myself.

I thumbed through quickly and there somewhere…something looked familiar.  It was my apron.  The one I created from the old thrifted skirt!!!!   I was beyond myself.

It was all it took to feel validated.  Since then I’ve been trying to regularly contribute to many of Stampington’s publications.  My work doesn’t always get selected.  And when it doesn’t that’s OK.  It’s a motivation to refine it and keep creating.

The apron that got everything started.

Published work:

Belle Armoire Winter 2012 (this is where my first work appeared, the apron)


SEW Somerset – my favorite magazine

Sew Somerset Winter 2013

I made fabric pins for this issue.

SEW Somerset Summer 2013

Rings made out of fabric was my contribution to this issue.  They could be used as pin cushions.  Ring pin cushions!

SEW Somerset Winter 2014

Creating jewelry with Shrinky dinks and fabric is one of my favorite projects.
Embroidery collage.  Fabric scraps and Shrinky drinks on which I drew some zentangle motives helped me make these whimsical embroidery hoops.

SEW Somerset Summer 2014

If you have not stitched on paper, try it.  It’s addictive.  These cute cards were made with fabric cut in various flower shapes and then stitched on to paper with my sewing machine.

SEW Somerset Winter 2015

Creating characters with stamps, paper and some fabrics.

SEW Somerset Summer 2015 – my work made the cover in this issue

Refining your work eventually pays off.  When I initially submitted some jewelry I made with Shrinky dinks my work got returned.  That was a good thing.  I kept working on it until they were unmistakably unique.  And I made the cover!!!

SEW Somerset Winter 2016

It’s no secret I love Shrinky dinks.  Here is more.  Shrinky dinks and fabric.  Tags or bracelets, your choice on how to use these sweet creations!

SEW Somerset Summer 2016

By now you may think: does she love embroidery hoops!  Yes I do!!!

SEW Somerset Winter 2017 – cover girl again

Collage paper house








Collage paper house







And I have one more article in this issue

Textile art







Somerset Studio Gallery Winter 2013


I enjoy making and wearing fabric jewelry.  These hearts make my heart happy!

Green Craft – also my favorite magazine

Green Craft Spring 2013


Green Craft Fall 2013

I made place mats out of grocery bags.

Green Craft Winter 2014

In this issue I share little gift bags made out of jean legs.

Green Craft Summer 2015

My daughter’s old stockings, disguised into soft kitties.
In the same issue I share how to make journals out of grocery paper bags.

Green Craft Summer 2016

Vintage tea towels made into purses is the project I shared in this issue.

Green Craft Winter 2017

Paper bead necklace
Paper bead necklaces









Altered Couture Feb/Mar/Apr 2014

Upcycled a few t-shirts into skirts.

Art Quilting Studio Summer 2015

I am not a quilter, but the small quilted necklaces with Shrinky dinks found their way in Art Quilting Sudio in a department called Art Quilt Walking.

Somerset Studio March/April 2014

I couldn’t resist a Circus theme.  A mini fabric journal from a day at the circus.

Jewelry Affaire Winter 2014

A couple of pair of earrings are inside this issue.

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