Easy holiday cards

Oh hi!! It’s been so long, that I forgot I had a blog. This year and Covid has brought so many changes for so many people, myself included. But that’s a topic I’d rather discuss over coffee and crafts, in person, when this is all over.

Today I want to share a quick and easy craft since the holidays are approaching and maybe you’d like to make your own cards to mail out.


Watercolors and watercolor paper, crayons (to create a resist), scissors, glitter glue, foam mounting dots, sewing machine, blank cards.


Create a water color wash. I used some crayons first to create a resist of a sort, then put all kinds of watercolors on my piece of watercolor paper.

After the paper was dry I cut it into 3″x 3″ squares, and then free form cut star shapes. after I cut the star shapes I outlined them with a thick black marker (or you can use black watercolor).

Embellish the stars with words, gems or whatever you wish….I ended up putting glitter glue around the edges. Then I painted small hearts on a strip of leftover watercolor paper, I cut them out and using my sewing machine I stitched them in the middle of the star. But if you don’t have sewing machine, consider stamping words, gluing gems or whatever your souls is telling you to do. Listen and do!

And yes I did leave the strings to hang….I like that unfinished look.

Using foam mounting dots, set the star in the middle of a blank card. This will give it a bit of a 3D look. But you can also glue it on the card if you don’t have foam dots.

I ended up brushing some green watercolor on my blank card because I didn’t like it all white.

Have fun making!!!

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