The desert in black and white

I am in love with desert plants.  I love drawing them, painting them, sewing them….and aside from the thorns they are pretty easy to take care of.  Very forgiving, for someone forgetful like myself, they don’t die on me if I forget to water them.  Actually I don’t water them.

Arizona Desert

Desert plants

I like turning my photos in black and white.  It helps me see the shape of the plants.

Desert Plants

Desert Plants

They look so pretty when they bloom.

Desert plants

Desert Plants

I like their lines.  Sometimes straight and sometimes twirly.

Desert plants

Desert Plants

Desert Plants

And sometimes their shape is like a big giant artichoke.


Or like glowing stars.

Desert Plants

Or like a fuzzy blanket, but do not dare to touch it or lay on it.

Desert PlantsSometimes the thorns are long and a bit curly, like the nails on an old witch.



There are a few good places in Phoenix to admire these plants.  The top of my list:

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Desert Botanical Gardens

Xeriscape gardens throughout the valley.  The link here is for the one in Chandler, where I live.





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