Digital art – grateful hearts

It’s been a few weeks since I checked in here.  Holidays and school winter break got me all out of rhythm, but I am getting back to ‘normal’.  A few weeks ago I started a gratitude journal with my kids.  It was a result of my frustration, feeling as inadequate parent in satisfying all of the wishes, wants and needs of my kids.  I thought that maybe if we learn to focus on what we have, they (and me included) will not want for the sake of want.  I got three small journals and initially we were going to do this every day with a list of 10 things we are grateful for.  I quickly realized that that’s a bit too ambitious for starters, so we settled on 3 things and Monday – Friday.  I also ditched the paper journal for myself and decided that there is no reason I couldn’t add some art into the practice.  Paper53 is one of my favorite apps for drawing and doodling, especially on the go and my gratitude practice turned into these digital grateful hearts.  If you wish to follow this quest or even join, you may follow me on Instagram @vesnatanevamiller


grateful heart digital art

grateful heart digital art

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