Christmas tree brooch using fabric scraps

I am sure all of you master quilters out there can make amazing quilts with scraps.  But for me that’s too overwhelming.  So I make little things with my scraps, like these Christmas tree pins.  These are great little gifts for friends, co-workers, neighbors or just make them for yourself.

Here is how.

Materials: Scraps at least 2.5″x 1.75″.  Scrap ribbons, lace etc.  Sewing machine or basic sewing supplies.  Poly-fil or other little scraps for stuffing.  Scraps of yarn.  Brooch pins.  Glue – E6000.

Christmas Tree pins

Cut your little rectangles into pointy triangles.  I started at the base on the short side and eyeballed the center on top and free hand cut them.  But if you are worried you can draw lines and cut along.  You will need two identical triangles for each Christmas tree pin.

Christmas Tree pins

Cut scraps of ribbon and place across your tree.  You will only do this on one of the triangles.  Then stitch either by hand or sewing machine.

Christmas Tree pins

Christmas Tree pins

Add the other triangle and align them, and then stitch the sides, but leave the bottom open for stuffing your tree with poly-fil.

Christmas Tree pins

Stuff it with poly-fil.

Christmas Tree pins

Cut a piece of yarn, about 1.5″-2″ and fold in in half.  Tuck the ends inside the bottom of the tree.

Christmas Tree pins

Christmas Tree pins

And then stitch the bottom closed.

Christmas Tree pins

Glue the brooch pins on the back and let dry.  And that’s it!!!!!

Now you can gift give or style one yourself.

Christmas Tree Pins

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