Exploring Arizona – Superior, Miami and Globe

One of our favorite things to do as a family is go on road trips.  These are often day trips to places and small towns near by.  And since yesterday all of us happened to be home with no obligations, no school, no work we decided to drive east of town, with no particular plan.  We stopped at Superior, Miami and Globe.  These are small towns where mining once was a big thing.  Nowadays they are tourist attractions in the winter and living ghost towns in the summer.  They all have cute little downtowns with antique shops and restaurants.  I love walking through the antique shops and finding treasures, even though I don’t always buy anything, it’s just fun to look through old things.

Out of the three towns Globe is the largest.  Whenever we visit we stop at their Center for the Arts.  This building used to be the Court House and the jail.  Nowadays it has a gallery, classrooms for art classes, a couple of studios, a gift shop with locally made arts and crafts, antique shop in the basement and a small theater on the very top floor.  I love the big windows pouring in light inside, the woodwork covered with copper from local mines and the old hardwood floors.  The lady that worked there gave us a little tour yesterday and told us that this building was going to be demolished back in the 70’s.  A community of local artist saved it.

Globe is also home to an archeological site called Besh Ba Gowah.   Even though we didn’t go there this time my favorite time to visit is around Christmas. The place is illuminated with luminaries.

Here is a few photos from our outing.

Queen Creek Tunnel, AZ

Superior, AZ

Superior, AZ

Superior, AZ

Globe, AZ

Globe, AZ

Globe, AZ

Globe, AZ

Globe, AZ

Globe, AZ

HWY 60, AZ

Hwy 60, AZ



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