A peek in my journal

Ever since Art-o-mat accepted my submission I’ve been trying to go through ideas about the little cactus paintings.  After all I have to create 50 different ones.  Luckily when I recently attended one of Alisa Burke’s workshops in Seaside, Oregon I learned that a journal is a perfect place to work through some of those ideas.  At first it was very very scary for me to use paint, and brushes and a pen.  I’ve worked through my ideas in the Paper53 app for so long that using real materials where I am not able to go back by pushing a back button was almost terrifying.  But at the same time I think because of all that practice in Paper53 I was ready to move on and try something new.  Here is a peak.

art journaling

art journaling

cactus in my art journal

art journaling

art journaling

art journaling

These are all still work in progress.  I’ve been doing a grateful heart series in Paper53 (you can see some of them here), where on one side I list three items I am grateful for and on the other side I doodle.  The above heart is still missing the side where I list three things I am grateful for.  I am not sure if I should handwrite or use letter stamps.  So I am stuck at the moment….but I will decide soon.




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