Snowflake pins

Every year I try to make a new set of Christmas/holiday pins.  Last year I passed them out to my co-workers.  I work at the airport and we have to wear a uniform and we are limited to what extra accessories we can have.  During the month of December we are allowed to wear holiday inspired sock, tights, pins, hats and scarfs (although the scarf has to be ordered from the uniform website).  In any case…..last year I made Christmas Tree pins, you can check them out here and make your own.

This year I made snowflake pins.  These are pretty easy to make, and I usually stitch everything on my sewing machine, but you can hand stitch these and add cool embroidery.

What you will need:

A snowflake stamp, StazOn ink pad, muslin, felt, brooch pins, sewing supplies.

snowflake pins

Stamp your muslin with the snowflake stamp using permanent ink (I used StazOn).  Cut the snowflakes in circles.

snowflake pins

Then cut two circles out of felt slightly larger than your snowflake.  Using your sewing machine (or hand stitch using embroidery floss) join your snowflake onto the felt.  Add a pin in the back (I cheated and used a hot glue gun for the pins)

snowflake pins

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