Alaska in one and a half day

A couple of years ago my husband and son were trying to catch the best flight from Chicago to get back to Phoenix.  And they did so through Anchorage.  When you work for an airline and travel around using your benefits, the best flight may be in totally opposite direction.  They spent the day in Anchorage and drove around and saw a glacier.  So cool!  So Alaska has been on our list for some time and this summer we decided to give it a try.  We had two days to spend (I know, so far and so little time) but you make the most of it and you can still wish for more the next time.

Here is what we did:

We rented a car.  $240 for two days!  Pricey but how else do you get around in two short days.  We stayed at a nice little B&B called Abby’s Place in Palmer, Alaska.  Tucked away around trees, private and comfortable.  Kids loved their bunk beds!

The first day was rainy but no time to waste so we ventured out and visited a Musk Ox farm.  These animals were once almost extinct.  Their native name is oomingmak which means ‘the bearded one’.  And did you know that their fur makes one of the finest wool in the world!!!

Musk Ox farm near Palmer, Alaska

That night I stayed in since I had not slept in over 24hrs (see I got off work at 1am and we were on a flight at 6am) while the kids and my husband went to a huge arcade called Extreme Fun Center all with bumper cars and laser tag.

The next day after some good breakfast that the owners of Abby’s Place cooked for us we took off.  We took Hatcher Pass Road to Independence mine.  We made a few stops along the road and I picked some flowers.  I even found a four leaf clover.  Luck!!!!!!

forget me not
Forget-me-not, Alaska State flower
Hatcher Pass scenic drive
Dandelion field near Anchorage, Alaska
Make a thousand wishes in this dandelion field.
Wildflowers in Alaska
4 leaf clover

We took a short hike at Summit Lake State Recreational area and then went to Independence Mine.  Most of the buildings were closed but I managed to take a picture of Patrick on one of the balconies while Maggie wasn’t around.  Then I tried to trick her and told her that I saw a ghost and took a picture of it.  This started a huge argument between the two of them so I had to stop them.  Kids!

Summit Lake
Wildflowers at Summit Lake
Alaska wildflowers
Wildflowers at Summit Lake
Independence Mine, Alaska
Patrick the ghost at Independence Mine
Independence Mine, Alaska State Historic Site
Independence Mine

We wanted to see Portage glacier but the traffic was pretty slow on the coastal highway so we abandoned the idea and settled for beach exploration at Beluga Point.  The sand was so fine, almost tar like both in color and touch.  Footprints and messages scribbled in the sand.  I sunbathed atop a big rock feeling like a seal haha.  Kids explored, climbed, David taking pictures of Maggie at every corner.  Have I told you that she likes to be made up with dark make-up and lipstick.  I indulge her.  I do her make up and hair and she feels like a big star.  She is!

Beluga Point, Alaska point of interest
Beluga Point, Chugach State Park
Beluga Point, Alaska point of interest
Maggie the mountain goat at Beluga Point, Chugach State Park

Our final stop was the Anchorage Zoo.  Because of the long summer days it’s open till 9pm.  Kids were happy!!  Patrick said it was his favorite part of the trip because he got to see animals that he didn’t see elsewhere.  Then I had to remind him of the Musk Ox farm, but he still liked the zoo better.

Anchorage Zoo
Two cubs at the Anchorage Zoo

Catching a flight back home was quite an experience.  I moved us to an earlier flight that had slightly more seats open.  It was a good move although we still didn’t all make the flight.  I let my husband and kids go, while I waited for a seat to open on the next flight.  I took the last seat and met them in Seattle.  Then one more flight home to Phoenix.  By the time we got home was another 24hr no sleep day.  But who cares!  Catching up on sleep is easier than catching up on adventures.  I am off for the rest of the week.  Glad to have the time to not be anywhere.  A few crafty projects are on my table awaiting and that’s a good feeling.

Alaska airlines winglet



3 thoughts on “Alaska in one and a half day

  1. Vesna, what an awesome trip! 🙂 You guys sure packed a lot into such a short time. Glad you got out to Independence Mine. I remember going up there with Denis one year- was still snow everywhere so we couldn’t go too far.

    “Catching up on sleep is easier than catching up on adventures” = best motto ever!!! Keep it up!

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