A weekend in Vancouver BC

Confession time: I’ve never been to Canada.

Sooooo a couple of weeks ago my husband suggested we go Vancouver BC.  I used to be always ready for an adventure, but I’ve become more difficult.  It feels like too much trouble to get the time off work and trade shifts; arrange for someone to stay at our house to watch the dogs.  But to my surprise it only took a day to find someone to work for me and thus the opportunity was hard to pass.

I work for Alaska Airlines so getting to far away places by plane is somewhat easy (provided you time it right where there is room on the plane for you to ride standby).  We had no trouble this time.

When we arrived in Vancouver it took a little bit to go through customs and one disappointing fact is that your passport does not get stamped.  I have no proof that I went to Canada, except for the photos I am going to share.  Although I don’t take selfies so really I have no proof.

Our time was short (arrive Saturday go home on Sunday).  But this is what we visited:

Capilano Suspension Bridge

This was pricey, and I probably would have convinced myself to do it next time when I have more $$, but my husband got the tickets already not letting me talk myself out of it.  It was really fun for both adults and kids.  How often do you go on a suspension bridge?  A really big one.  And then multiple suspension bridges between trees.  Very cool eh?

Vancouver BC

And here is a rescued owl.  The guy told us that some kids found this baby owl (not a baby anymore) and at first they were going to keep it and raise it.  But ultimately it got turned to this nature preserve where it can get adequate care.

Caplilano suspension bridge

On Sunday we accidentally got perpetually detoured due to a marathon going on.  So we ended up at this beautiful park, Queen Elizabeth park, not even knowing what it was or that it was there.  We spend a few hours there including a visit to a Bloedel Floral conservatory.

Vancouver BC



Vancouver BC


Vancouver BC



Vancouver BC

We lucked out when we heard that the World of Science Center had a free admission day.  Yes!!  When going on trips with kids it’s important to find things that will interest them.

Vancouver BC

We walked around and had lunch at Granville Island which I realized I didn’t take a single picture.  I think I was too relaxed and enjoying myself that there was no point to play tourist.

And that was about all for my first time in Canada.  I am looking forward to go again.  Hopefully soon!



One thought on “A weekend in Vancouver BC

  1. Wow, Vesna! That looks like an amazing weekend getaway! I think you guys picked a great time of year to go- not too hot, not too cold, and lots of flowers in bloom. Denis and I spend a few days in Vancouver once and loved it. I mainly remember going on a big walk in Stanley Park. Wish we’d known about the suspension bridge park back then!

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