Etsy shop is restocked

Finally after many months of empty shop I have added a bunch of items in my Etsy shop.  Terrible shop keeper I tell you, I’d fire myself.  I have complete respect and admiration for people who maneuver through life earning money with their creative talents, be that music, painting, dancing, designing, photographing.  It is really really hard.  I want to be them, but I keep choosing to hide behind the comfort of a day job because it provides some kind of security and then off course health insurance, and travel benefits which I occasionally use to see the world.

I was off this last week and went to Alaska for a brief getaway with my family.  The rest of the week other than entertaining and feeding kids still on summer vacation I tried to be creative.  I planned to clean my craft room, but what’s the use if I am going to use it and make a mess again.  And then today, my last day off before I return to work I photographed items I wanted to offer up to you and finally listed them in my Etsy shop.  Take a look.

These mini art quilts/collages were featured in the most recent issue of SEW Somerset.  If you are an artist you can use them in your art work.  Or I think they will look really good framed behind glass too.  art quilt

I have decorative pillow cases featuring cacti and desert scenes.collaged desert plants pillow cases

I have some eco-friendly fashionable paper bead necklaces and my newest toilet paper tube


Tonight I am going to vegetate on the couch with my family watching Planet of the Apes.





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