Santa’s long underwear

My dear neighbor gave me a sample of this cute little stocking stuffer gift, a little pouch made out of red felt into a Santa’s long underwear, with a little opening in the back to stuff goodies, and a little rhyme to attach.  She asked if I could make some for her for Christmas.  And in the process of making them I took photos so you can make one, or two or more for yourself.  Note: I used my sewing machine to save time, but don’t you worry if you don’t have one, or don’t want to go into the trouble of unpacking yours and setting up shop.  You can use embroidery thread and just stitch around the edges.  Or even better, if you don’t sew at all, use a hot glue gun and join all the edges together.


You will need some red felt, some ribbon and small pompoms or beads for embellishments.   Sewing supplies and/or hot glue gun.


I made my own pattern drawing out Santa’s long underwear on a piece of card board (from a cereal box).  Trace your pattern on the felt and cut out two pieces.  Also cut a slit in the middle of the pattern so you can stuff it later with goodies.

Santa's long underware5

Stitch the two pieces together by machine, hand or glue gun.  Add a little flap over the slit to cover it.

Santa's long underware3

Using hot glue gun add embellishments: beads, pompom, bow….

Santa's long underwear4

Print the little rhyme and attach it to the back flap or the front, or wherever you wish.

Santa's long underwear

And that’s it….fun an easy handmade gift!

Santa's long underwear2






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