Art-O-Mat accepted my submission(s)

I have some good news to share for you.  Art-o-mat accepted all three of my submissions. What is Art-o-mat?  With locations across the USA, some in Europe and Australia and New Zeland Art-o-mat are old cigarette vending machines converted to now sell small, affordable, original pieces of art from artists across the world.  Read more and find out if there is an Art-o-mat machine near you here.

These are the prototypes I submitted and I am in the process of creating a series of 50 of each.

Mini Art Quilts

mini art quilt

mini art quilt

Origami Earrings

origami earrings

Cactus Paintings

mini cactus painting

mini cactus painting

4 thoughts on “Art-O-Mat accepted my submission(s)

    1. Thank you Laura. I only knew about it because our city gallery has one and I kept buying these chicken series from and artist Susan Rossiter (I think that’s the spelling).

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