Book binding

I took a book binding workshop today at the recommendation of a friend.   She said I would love it, and I did. Having some knowledge of embroidery really helped, and I made three books, each bound with a  different stitch. The easiest was the smallest book, with only 10 pages (one signature).  A signature is… Read More Book binding

Circus book

In the last week between finding every possible excuse not to practice gelli printing, and hiding from the heat, I ended up starting and finishing a mini fabric/mixed media book. I picked a circus theme, partially from a challenge I saw on Stampington, partially because I’ve had some stamps that sort of fit the theme,… Read More Circus book


I grew up in Skopje, Macedonia on the fourth floor of an apartment tower.  From the balcony you could see a big field where wheat was planted.  In May/June the field will be covered in poppies.  Beautiful red poppies, a million of them.  When it was windy the poppies will dance in waves, back and… Read More Poppies