Photo-shrinky-fiber works

These are not new, but I had forgotten about them.  A few months ago I made them in a sort of rush, as I had to send them off to a publisher.  They arrived back a few days ago.  It’s a true collaboration work: photographs by David Miller, assemblage by me.  I added ribbon for a necklace, because you know, I like to wear my art.

You could have one, I listed them in our etsy shop.

photo necklaces_01The photo necklaces_02 photo necklaces_03 photo necklaces_04 photo necklaces_05 photo necklaces_06 photo necklaces_07 photo necklaces_08 photo necklaces_09 photo necklaces_10 photo necklaces_11 photo necklaces_12

One thought on “Photo-shrinky-fiber works

  1. I LOVE the vintage look of the photographs! Especially the classic horror feel they portray. These are truly unique creations.

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