Book binding

I took a book binding workshop today at the recommendation of a friend.   She said I would love it, and I did.

Having some knowledge of embroidery really helped, and I made three books, each bound with a  different stitch.

The easiest was the smallest book, with only 10 pages (one signature).  A signature is a set of pages, that are bound together.  We used a lazy-daisy stitch.

1005675_10201741564036839_69177355_n 1146644_10201741555236619_1691320682_nThe next book had 20 pages (two signatures), and it had a variation of the lazy-daisy stitch.  However it was quite tedious, and although I managed, I can’t say that it would be something I’d voluntarily use.  I made this book with my daughter in mind, who has been filling in the pages with her beautiful drawings for the last 3 hours.  She is 5.

526459_10201741575477125_2040922267_n 935875_10201741570997013_1699445810_nAnd the last one had a stitch that used some braiding.  This one looked complicated, but I really enjoyed it.  And it’s not as complicated as it seems.

1011230_10201741553476575_616678338_n 994266_10201741550676505_1879593205_n

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