Snail Mail

When I first moved to the US in the mid 90’s writing letters to my friends in Eastern Europe was the thing to do.  The internet was fairly new.  I had not heard of such thing until I came here, so it was hard to describe it to my family and friends back home.  And even if I could they still didn’t have it widespread there.  The way I kept in touch was letters, and occasional very expensive phone call from my parents.  I still have a shoe box of letters, though that’s only a fraction of all the mail I received during that time.  I think I mostly have lost and misplaced the cherished mail I received.

Writing and receiving letters has been one of my favorite things.  It’s like a small gift in the mail.  Always a bright spot when it comes with a stack of bills.  So when I recently saw that a local group called Creative Catalysts was looking for both letter writers and letter receivers I decided to join.  This was to connect and relieve some of the loneliness and stress of the Covid-19 that has now been going for several months.  I was a letter writer, except I really didn’t write letters, I made little art cards and send them to strangers that were assigned to me.  It was a lot of fun creating these little pieces of art and sending them on their journey.

Here is a peak.

I still have a couple of pen pals that I send and get letters from, but I realize writing letters is one of those things that people don’t have time for.  Why write a letter when you can update your friends via any social media outlets, or this blog.  Still….the joy of finding a handwritten note in your mail cannot be replaced.  If you are looking for a pen pal Postcrossing is a site that matches people who still enjoy this old fashion way of communication

Have fun!


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