Catching up

It’s been so long since I shared anything in this space here.  Summer came quickly (and it’s still here) and my kids were off school for a while.  Even though I did take some time off work to be with my family, parenting during summer break while working full time was a struggle.  In fact this summer was not short on struggles of all kinds, personal, health, family, marriage, financial, house owner repairs.  In an effort to overcome, or rather better handle my struggles, I did two things:

  1. I started a craft community, a group that meets once a week to either work on creative projects or just connect socially.  So on Wednesdays I have been going to a local coffee shop and invite anyone available to join me.  I use my Instagram and Facebook to share the invitation/reminder.  So if you are a local you are invited to join too.  Sozo Coffee on Alma School and Warner Rd in Chandler (SW corner, by Big Lots, Sweeties and .99 cents store)

Craft night2.  Learning Mindfulness Meditation.  I’ve picked up a dozen of books on this subject but the one that resonated the best for me was a book called 10% Happier.  The tips and trick shared there were the easiest for me to understand and implement in my life.  I am far far far from being a good meditator, but meditation is not about being good at meditating, it’s really about being better at handling life when you are struggling.  I made me a little book with reminders that I found helpful and meaningful while I was reading different books.

Meditation notes

Meditation notesMeditation notesMeditation notes

Do you have any tips in coping with stress and family issues?  I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Until the next time,



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