DIY Ribbon Flag

Making a flag out of ribbons has been on my list for a long time.  I even have a board on Pinterest for inspiration.  So even though this is not an original project at all, here is how I made mine.

What you will need: 

Canvas – I cut mine 18″ x 30″

Denim – from old jeans

Ribbon: red and white or beige

Rod of some sort (I used a thin bamboo stick for tying up gardens plants)


Sewing machine

DIY Ribbon Flag4


Fold the top of the canvas about 2-3″ to make a casing.  Line up all your ribbons the way you want them and pin them.  Stitch on your sewing machine to secure them.

DIY Ribbon Flag1

DIY Ribbon Flag7

Cut strips of denim to make the blue part of your flag.  Stitch on your sewing machine.  Then using a white paint and a star cookie cutter, dip the cookie cutter in the white paint and stamp all over the denim.

DIY Ribbon Flag1

DIY Ribbon Flag2

DIY Ribbon Flag5

DIY Ribbon Flag8

Insert the rod through your casing and use rope to make a hanger.

DIY Ribbon Flag

DIY Ribbon Flag3

Time to take it outside and hang it on the door.

DIY Ribbon Flag10


DIY Ribbon Flag9

Ribbon Flag

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