Paper ornaments

Do you put your Christmas tree up right after Thanksgiving?  In the past few years I have.  It’s been kind of fun with the kids.  But growing up we didn’t put up the tree that early.  I grew up in Macedonia and our traditions are a bit different.  Our Christmas tree is more of a New Year tree which is also when Santa comes and delivers presents.

I have accumulated a lot of ornaments over the years.  Some I’ve bought, some I’ve received as an ornament exchange, some I’ve made.  So I want to share a quick and super easy project for you to make your own ornaments.  Or to gift them.  And this project is soo easy, you already have the supplies.

What you will need is:

Paper towel tubes

Acrylic paint and some brushes


Wide eye needle (for yarn, or tapestry)

Hole punch 1/8″

Beads (I got mine at Dollar Tree)
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Note: I used an affiliate link to Dollar Tree.  Which means if you click and buy products from the Dollar Tree I get a tiny payoff.


Paint the toilet paper tubes with acrylic paint.  Add marks (dots, circles, squares, rectangles, random strokes)

Paper Ornaments

Cut them into strips about 1/4 inch wide.

Paper Ornaments

Using a hole punch poke a hole on top and bottom of each circle.

Paper Ornaments

Thread your needle with the ribbon.

Paper Ornaments

Add beads on top and bottom of your sphere.

Paper Ornaments

Tie a knot on one end of the ribbon leaving about 1″ tail.  Cut about 6″ inch tail on the other side and tie it to form a loop where you would hang your ornament.

Paper Ornaments

And you are done!!!!!!!!!

Paper Ornaments

Happy creating and decorating!!!!



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