Tea towels clutches

I love creating with fabrics that initially had a different purpose.  Some time ago my dad gave me a box of tea towels he found at an estate sale.  He knows me well and my love for ‘junk’.  And I admit it took me a while to figure out what to do with them.  Because of their size my choices were to create one towel at a time, or join a few and create something bigger. I tend to create small (at least for now) so I turned a few into cute little clutches.  Some of these appeared in one of the past issues of GreenCraft.  Today as I am enjoying my new MacBook Air I was browsing through some files and came across photos of my tea towel clutches.  Aren’t they fun!!!  I believe I still have a couple left (I have to look in my craft room) and if I find them I am going to list them in my shop.

Upcycled tea towel into clutch purse

Upcycled tea towel

Upcycled tea towel


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