Happy New Year! Reflections on the old!

In our family New Year Day is very special because my first child was born on this day. Today he turns 10!  Wow!  I started teasing him and told him that he is a decade old human!


I know many parents can relate to the phenomena of time passing fast when you are raising kids.  I am no exception.  The demands of parenthood and adulthood make the time slip away and once in a while you stop to catch your breath and you realize that months or years have passed since the last time you tried to catch your breath.

This last year I had a real struggle with time.  I started losing a sense of self because I couldn’t really find time for me.  Trying to do kid stuff, work stuff, family stuff.  Like many creative people with a day job I was trying to figure out if going solo would be something that would work for me.  Ultimately it scared me, I needed some kind of structure and a reliable income with health care.  I knew that 40hrs behind a desk wasn’t doing it for me anymore, and I put in for a transfer to the airport and part time.  So I have been working at the airport for over a month now.  I was able to retain my pay grade and benefits since I am still working for Alaska Airlines (going on 13 years now).

I’ve been lucky to enjoy travel benefits through my job, because other than being creative my heart is full of wanderlust.  I constantly feel the need to go someplace, to be curious, to connect with nature, or cultures, or people.  This last year I made two trips to Mexico.  One to Cancun with my husband and kids.  And another to the Mexican Riviera on a Crafty Chica cruise.  Both were a real blast, so many good moments and experiences.Chichen-itza

Isla Mujeres MexicoCabo Arch

Isla Mujeres Mexico
One of my favorite expressions on these two.  So unhappy to be ‘stuck’ on a very small island Isla Mujeres for a day.

Isla Mujeres MexicoI also managed to get 4 articles published.  One in Green Craft Magazine (Winter 2017) and 3 in SEW Somerset (Summer 2016, Winter 2017).  The winter issue of SEW Somerset has my work on the cover.  I feel so thankful for the opportunity and the recognition.  See my Published Work page for more.

I also worked with Kathy Cano-Murillo (aka Crafty Chica) and my friend Anne to revamp my web site.  All of this led to buy a domain name which you are visiting (www.stitchplayinaz.com).  I am still working on making it better, posting more, giving you ideas and inspiration on filling your time with creativity.

I am looking forward to lots of crafting and friendships in the New Year!




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