Prettying up the front yard with free rocks

On my days off this week I walked my kids to school and a neighbor had put a pile of rocks with ‘free rocks’ sign.  What could I do with free rocks?  They weren’t river rocks which are fun for painting, so I decided I’d forget about them.

Back at home I was going about my chores, and every once in a while the thought about the free rocks would visit me, like a buzzing bee, flying around my head: ‘remember the free rocks, you sure can do something with them!!’  So like a crazy woman, in the Arizona noon heat, I decided to drive by the free rocks and pick up as much as I could fit in my passenger side floor.  (Note to self: do not pick up rocks at noon, they are HOT!!).  I came back and by the time I unloaded them from my car, I just about died.  I decided that whatever more I need, I would pick up early the next day and recruit my husband to help.  So this morning we picked up the additonal rocks and we lined up a cute rock border around our front yard.

Hooray for free rocks!



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