My classes on Skillshare

I am working on a new class for Skillshare at the moment.  Coming soon, so stay tuned!

However, currently I have two classes available.  They are easy, a lot of fun and using materials that most likely you have on hand.

Check them out.  And check out Skillshare.  It’s a great community of makers and teachers where the classes are reviewed by students and rated so you know you are signing up for a great class/tutorial up front.  They also have a great variety of classes from Desing, Technology, Photography, Film, Music, Writing, Cooking, Business, DYI/Crafts (my fave!).  For new users Skillshare has a 3 month special for .99.  A great way to explore and learn new skills.

1. Paper Bead Jewelry

In this class you will learn how to make paper beads using brown grocery bags, magazines, comic books or any other paper you have around.  And then use the beads to make stylish jewelry, be it necklace, a pair of earrings or a bracelet.

Here is the link.


2. Turn That Shirt into a Skirt

Another quick and fun class.  This time by cleaning your closet from all of those old   t-shirts that you can get yourself to get rid of because they hold sentimental value, you can convert them to a skirt and be able to enjoy a few more years out of them.  Requires some sewing, but nothing too complicated.

Here is the link.




4 thoughts on “My classes on Skillshare

      1. Great because until the kids return to school I have no chance of extra free time to explore this website. I’ve been wanting to try paper beads for a while now so your lesson is one I’d like to check out.

      2. You will like it. It’s easy and a pretty quick class 12 min. Start collecting brown paper bags from grocery stores, especially with fun artwork. Comic book pages, magazines…. The more colorful the better.

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