Tooth fairy match box

Last night my daughter lost a tooth.  Her fifth one, but first one at the top.  She looks so cute with that top missing tooth.

Back a few years ago when my son lost his first tooth, I was in panick.  See where I grew up there are no tooth fairies.  You lose your tooth and that’s it.  But I live in the States now, and it’s fun to learn and practice local customs.  So for the first tooth lost, I made a tooth fairy box out of a matchbox.  It’s such a fun and quick project that I thought you might want to make one of your own.  And even if you don’t have young kids who are losing teeth, you could decorate one and use as a little gift box for a piece of jewelry.


  • Empty matchbox
  • Decorative paper (scrapbook paper)
  • Washi tape (or ribbon)
  • 1″ hole puncher
  • Alphabet stamps and ink pad
  • Glue stick


Cut you decorative paper to fit your matchbox (approximately 4″x 2″).  Add glue to the paper and wrap it around your matchbox.



Use Washi tape to decorate it further.


Use the alphabet stamps to stamp ‘tooth fairy’ on the 1″ circles that you punch.


Glue the ‘tooth fairy’ circle on to your matchbox.


All done!  Happy creating!






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