Dia de los muertos inspired necklace

At this point I have lived in the United States for almost 20 years.  The last 14 years in Arizona.  Mexico is virtually in my back yard.  You would think that I would have visited Mexico sooner, but that’s not the case.

Last September an unexpected opportunity presented itself and there I was in Mexico City!!!!!!!!  I’ve never seen more organized chaos any place else.  Except maybe in Instanbul.

The visit was short, so a few must see attractions were on the list.  Teotihuacan was one.  After losing an entire day attempting to drive there (yes, we rented a car), we got there very early on day 2.  It was so early, the gates were closed.  We were the first ones to get in, and the pyramids stood there, big and quiet, glowing in the morning sun.  We climbed up.  And there standing on the top you feel big and small all at once.



Teotihuacan, a top of pyramid of the Sun overseeing the Avenue of the Dead and the pyramid of the Moon.

And there were hot air balloons!

A hot air balloon over one of the pyramids.


Back in the city we came across a park where on a lovely Sunday afternoon people were dressed in their finest, music was booming and everyone was dancing.

In Xochimilco you can catch a ride on an ’embarcadero’ (a boat), where you can have a mariachi band come on board and sing you a song, or you can buy beer, food and other goods from other embarcaderos.


Before I knew our trip was over and I was back home filled with energy from all the colors, culture, music, liveliness and chaos Mexico City has to offer.

I got out my jewelry making supplies and made this necklace inspired by my first trip south of the border.






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