Lessons learned from 100 Day project

What can you do in 100 days?  I wrote a letter/card/note a day as part of The 100 Day project.   Here is what I learned:

1. It was challenging to keep up for different reasons (who to write, what to write)

2. Once you build a habit, it feels good as it helps carve out time in your day to dedicate to your 100 day project.  So you can use this to help build a habit.

3. If you can do something for 100 days, why not keep doing it every day.  Well in my case that may be a bit much to keep on writing letters/postcards, but say you wanted to do yoga.  This may be a good challenge.

I didn’t have to write to 100 different people, in fact it started becoming a pen pal experience.  After the first 30 people, I started repeating, and occasionally finding a new volunteer who wanted to receive a card in the mail.  And after some time, I started receiving notes back.  It was fun, like back in the ‘old’ days when the internet did not exist and people used to send real letters in the mail.

I invite you to a challenge to write a letter to someone.  Maybe you’d like to write every day for a month.  Or if that’s too much, maybe one a week, one a month.  You choose.  Surprise someone, and you may get a surprise back.

A collage of my 100 letters.

One thought on “Lessons learned from 100 Day project

  1. I used to love letter writing back before email was so ubiquitous. I actually sent a proper handwritten letter to a friend last week but that was the first time in ages that I had done so. I must get back in the habit again. Knowing how much I love to receive personal mail, I really would like to give that feeling to others.

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