Queen of Hearts

Because I like more than one crafting technique this week I found myself going back to soldering.

I took a basic soldering workshop last summer, from a very talented local artist, Josie, who since then has become a friend.  She also has a book out about soldering.

For a while I practiced with 60/40 type of solder.  It contains lead, so it’s less expensive than lead free solder.  It’s good for creating non-wearable items.


But since I like to wear my creations, I saved up some money to get lead free solder and I practiced with it  in the last  few days.


I used an old set of playing cards.  They make cool images.  I used all the face cards and then I ran out of glass.

soldered necklaces_11

And the Queen of Hearts is my favorite.  You can see more or buy here.

One thought on “Queen of Hearts

  1. Very cool, I like these! I also started out practicing with rosin core 60/40 solder but once I got used to it, I began using the silver solder for my metalwork designs.
    Sunshine On Water

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