Fabric rings tutorial

Do you sew?  By machine or hand?  I’d like to share a quick tutorial on how to make yourself a fabric ring.  It can also be a small pincushion.

Here is how:

Tools and Materials: fabric, stamps, ink, scissors, sewing machine, polyfil stuffing, adjustable ring, thread

1. Cut your fabric in little squares.  You will need two squares per ring.


2.  Use stamps and permanent ink to stamp an image on your fabric square.  I like StazOn ink.  I used that in Black.

shot_1367535085613 shot_1367535188265

3. Stitch the two squares together.  I used my sewing machine, but you can hand stitch as well.  Be sure to leave one side open so you can stuff your ring.

shot_1367535234010 shot_1367535299459

4.  Stuff your ring with polyfil.  I used a wooden dowel that I sharpened using a pencil sharpener to push the polyfil in.  Be careful not to push to hard and rip through your stitching.


5.  Once you have filled it up to your desired fullness, stitch your ring closed.  Then use fabric markers to color your image.


6.  You can also use pinking sheers to trim some of the edges.  This is optional, however it gives your ring somewhat of a distressed look and it also helps it not to fray too much.

shot_1367535594561 shot_1367535576126

7.  Use E6000 glue to glue your ring on the back of the fabric.shot_1367535498051 shot_1367534900900

And that’s all.  It’s that easy!!!  Be creative, try it and have fun!

shot_1367534741806 shot_1367536871761

fabric rings May 2013_01

fabric rings May 2013_10

fabric rings May 2013_03

fabric rings May 2013_02

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