New Classes on Skillshare

Being cooped up due to Covid-19 will get you do all the things you never made time for.  So friends I have been creating some online classes.  One of the things that stopped me from doing more of this before is the editing part.  I found it frustrating and overwhelming.  Now that I have been home for a few weeks I have asked my husband to teach me how to edit.  I am still struggling with it, but I am getting better.  So I have put two new classes:  Mandala Inspiration and Origami Bouquet.

Both of these art forms are dear to my heart.  I love love love creating mandalas, with watercolors, with paint, with sharpies, with fabric.  In my class I share about 10+ different ways to create a mandala.

And origami is one of those crafts that I go back to over and over.  I even have a line of earrings I create for a collective of artists called Artist in Cellophane.  Lately I have been fascinated with creating origami flowers, so I picked 4 different flower folds plus a leaf fold that are fairly simple to include in my class.

Hope you can check them out if you are looking to learn something new.

Mandala Inspiration click here


Origami Bouquet click here


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