Mini Popsicle weaving

My grandmother had a huge huge huge weaving loom.  So huge it occupied an entire room.  She made small rugs from scraps of fabric and whatnot.  I don’t recall ever watching her do it, but I recall seeing the loom and rugs in various stages of completion.  A few months ago I did buy a loom, not one that occupies a room, but still large for me; about 3ft x 2ft.  I have yet to use it.  I know, I am a horrible crafter sometimes.  But this idea of a smallish weaving has been popping in my head from time to time.  Not only I am on vacation this week, but in the midst of corona virus epidemic I am trying to be mindful and although not giving in to mass hysteria and buying a room full of toilet paper, I am trying to minimize going out in public places.  Which it’s driving me nuts, but maybe it’s time to catch up on all this ideas and crafts that otherwise I don’t have time to do when I am working.

Feel free to join in making your own smallish popsicle weaving and if you do please share the results.

Materials: popsicles, embroidery or thicker thread (I used crochet thread), yarn of various sizes and textures, beads if you really get ambitious, stamps and ink to decorate the popsicles, glue or hot glue gun.popsicle weaving

Instructions:  Stamp the popsicle sticks.  If you don’t have stamps you can use paint of any kind to decorate your sticks.  Or perhaps you have a wood burning tool that you can embellish your popsicle sticks.  Really anything, be creative, use what you got since if you are doing this now and you are in the US, maybe you too don’t really want to be out and about catching and spreading germs.popsicle weaving

Glue your sticks together in a square frame.popsicle weavingpopsicle weaving

Tie your thread on one end and then wrap around the two opposite sides of the frame at about 1/4″ apart.  No need to be super precise.popsicle weaving

Tie yarn to the net you created and then you weave over one string and under the next, then turn around.  When you are done with one color of yarn, before you cut it tie the next yarn to it and continue weaving.  If you want you can add beads from time to time.  And since I am not weaving expert I am not sure what other weaving techniques you can do, but explore, have fun.popsicle weavingpopsicle weavingpopsicle weaving

xo Vesna

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