Paper53 doodles

There are so many digital tools to help folks like myself who would love to be able to draw and paint, but despite the best efforts to silence the inner critic the fear of having the pencil or brush meet the perfectly white page is still lurking around.  So for me this very cool and free app called Paper53 is the best thing ever!!!!!!

I go long periods of not using it.  Not because I forget about it, but because inspiration is not always there.  There are many uses for Paper53, you can create entire presentations.  Grocery lists.  To-do lists.  My favorite is the drawing/painting tools.  People create beautiful art.  Portraits.  I’ve seen graphic novel type drawings created in Paper53.  That’s not my style.  Mine are usually simpler drawings with a lot of white space.  A couple of years ago I did an entire 100 piece collection of digital embroidery hoops for The 100 Day Project.  The banner on my site (see above) is a result of that collection.  And a couple of weeks ago on a flight from Seattle back home I created a set of hearts.  17 to be more exact.  Take a peak.

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