DIY Halloween wreath on a budget

Halloween inspiration

Kids are on fall break for two weeks and I have three days off.  Time to get the Halloween decorations out and get in the spirit.  I realized I don’t have a Halloween wreath and decided to make one.  A trip to the dollar store for a few supplies and here we go:

Halloween decorations

Supplies: Metal wreath, creepy cloth, bugs and snakes.  The flexible straps were sent to me by a company named Gardner Bender several months ago and I finally got to use them.

This is a super easy project.  Wrap the creepy cloth around the wreath.

Halloween decorations

Tie the straps and insert bugs and snakes around them.  I glued some of them with super glue.  Other I just inserted through.  Tip: hot glue gun not recommended if you are going to display your wreath outside.  Your glued items will not stay on for very long.

DIY Halloween wreath

Special thanks to my son who made ‘scary notes’.  I dipped them in some tea to age them and then wrapped them with wire randomly around the wreath.

Halloween decorations

DYI Halloween wreath

Halloween decorations

halloween wreath

Halloween decorations

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