Crafting with palm tree leaves

One of my favorite things to do is to use natural materials in my work.  In the summers here in Phoenix we get a few monsoon storms.  After a storm there is debris everywhere, branches, leaves, palm fronds (leaves).  Although it’s annoying to have to clean your yard from all the junk the wind brought, I am happy to inform you that I have been collecting palm tree leaves.  And recently I decided to make a bouquet.

I gathered a handful of palm tree leaves.

palm tree leaves

Washed them from all the dirt.  This also helped to make them softer and easier to work with.

palm tree leaves

Then it was time to paint.  I coated them with a very light blue (leftover paint from when I was painting Maggie’s room) and red (also leftover from another project).

palm tree leaves

Then I added marks.

palm tree leaves

palm tree leaves

palm tree leaves

Once they were dry I put them in a little vase.

palm tree leaves

palm tree leaves

palm tree leaves

What natural materials can you find in your surroundings?

Happy crafting!





2 thoughts on “Crafting with palm tree leaves

  1. Greencraft mag showed your work and it’s lovely, although fronds are hard to come by where we live and the technique description lacked visuals…is this captured somewhere else online? Ty!

    1. I don’t currently have a video. I used a white pen to draw the mandala. White pen is great on any dark surface. You can get white pens at Michaels or other art stores. I use Sakura, but there is a good one by Uniball. I hope this helps and sorry for the late reply. I have been absent from actively blogging.

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