Needle felting

I get much needed therapy from crafting.  Making stuff.  Especially when there is some sort of repetitive and mindless process.  Needle felting fits this category really well.  Sure you have to focus on the shape you are making while poking the wool, but poke poke poke and more poke poke poke is totally mindless and can take your mind away from whatever troubles you.


I don’t currently have a step by step tutorial (I will work on one) and while there is probably plenty out there on the internet I initially learned how to needle felt at a cute little store in Tempe, Tempe Yarn and Fiber.  I have not visited them in some time, but take a look, they have a steady community for all things fiber and needles.


My favorite thing to needle felt is cacti.  Maybe because they are everywhere here in Arizona, their shape is engraved in my brain so they come naturally.

There are some really great masters of needle felting out there.  My favorite, an Oregon artist who makes dioramas with felted mice that she makes.  She has a few books out there from capturing the stories of her felted mice. Check out her blog at Mouses Houses.

Needlefelted cacti



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