How to make plant pokes from palm tree bark

I am currently on the design team for Gauche Alchemy.  It’s my first time being on a design team and so far it’s been fun.  I enjoy seeing how different and unique everyone’s work is, even when we have a common theme.  Last month’s challenge was ‘Words and art’.  For me this truly was a challenge.  I try to stay away from using words in my art, because I always think that they should suggest something important, convey a message, get the observer to think deeper about something.  Words work really well for some artist.  Not so much for me.

I think of my work as playful.  If I have a message, it is to take time to be creative without the pressure of feeling that it has to be good, or perfect.

So I procrastinated.  Feeling idea-less.  Somewhat worried.  Pressured!!!  Then as I was driving through the neighborhood I noticed a lot of palm tree bark all over the place.  On streets, on sidewalk, in yards…even the yards that don’t have palm trees.  This is typical for the desert, especially after a wind storm.

I thought I could do something with it.  So I walked over to a neighbor yard and picked up some.

image Then I gathered some supplies:

Paint and brushes

Sheers (I ended up using metal cutting sheers)

Decorative paper

Ink Pad – permanent (StazOn ink)

Alphabet stamps

Triple thick glaze

Gel medium

E600 adhesive



Step 1: Cut the bark into oval shapes.


Step 2.  Cut the decorative paper slightly smaller than the bark shapes.  Then use Gel medium to adhere to the bark.



Step 3.  Stamp words onto blank paper.  You can use printing paper or any solid color paper.  Cut the words then using gel medium adhere in the center.


Use Triple Thick glaze and brush over the entire front.  Let it dry then do the same for the back.  This will protect your work and also make it shiny/glossy.


Step 4.  Use paint to decorate the edges of the bark.


Step 5.  Use E6000 adhesive to glue the skewers on the back of the bark.



Step 6.  Add your plant pokes to plants in your house and ENJOY!




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