Painted canvas pillow cover

In my living room there was old couch that’s been on my list to replace for a long time.  Every time I get a little bit of extra money I think of getting a new couch, but you know how it is…something more important comes up and the money goes to that.

A few weeks ago I came home from work to find the cushions of the couch all chewed up.  Foam everywhere!!!  And two dogs looking at me with that puppy look: mom we got carried away, we really didn’t mean to chew up the couch, but it happened!

So they made it a priority to ge a new couch.  The new couch doesn’t have pillows or cushions and it felt that it needed something extra.  A box of goodies from Canvas Corp came right in time and it had a canvas pillow cover, ready to decorate. I used some of the paints they sent me, a few of my own and went to work.



Lightly pencil your design.  I choose to draw a cactus.  A natural influence living in the Southwest.


Outline it with a black paint Sharpie.


And then add paint.


Pretty easy eh!



Later in the afternoon as I was trying to cozy up on the couch with a stack of magazines, I noticed a dog snuck up on the couch.






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