Being published in SEW Somerset

Wow!  I am very honored to have my work on the cover of SEW Somerset.  It feels good and overswhelming at the same time.

I have been submitting to Stampington for a few years now.  And not every one of my submissions gets accepted.  That’s OK and to be expected.

Here are some tips for you if you’d like to get published.

  1.  Look at the Call for Artists.  Stampington’s web site has an ongoing search for artwork.  Sometimes the topic is generic, sometimes specific.
  2. Check out the artwork that is currently in a magazine.  What makes it special?
  3. Add small details and embellishments in your project.  These are mostly what will make your work attractive.
  4. When your work in not accepted, don’t fret.  Work on the same piece to refine it. What can you add to make it ‘pop’?





4 thoughts on “Being published in SEW Somerset

  1. Adored the necklaces published in Sew Somerset, they are so unique in their beauty and then I view the photograph of the ear-rings you made, they are equally beautiful.

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