Color Burst and Ken Oliver

About a month ago I took a watercolor workshop by Ken Oliver at the local craft store, Craft Fusion.  I came home armed with 6 basic color of Ken’s product, Color Burst, grabbed some stencils I had on hand and started playing.  I don’t think I have the color coordination down yet, so I limit myself to two similar colors to start.  Once those dry, I add an opposite.  I like the contrast.  I like the layers of vivid colors.  But I have to be very very careful not to make mud.

Color burst Ken Oliver

Color burst Ken Oliver

And I got lost in the process.  Spraying water, sprinkling color burst, using a heating tool to speed up the drying process, then going back with more colors.  Layering stencils, some store bought, some home made.  I made so many pages that at first I didn’t know what to do.  So I used them to make journals.  And I took a bunch to the Vision Gallery in downtown Chandler to sell.

Color Burst handmade journals





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