Mini wearable quilts

I have several jars of buttons.  All kinds of pretty buttons.  Small, big, shiny, colorful.  The problem is when I am looking for something I have to empty the whole jar to look through, and then maybe the next jar, and the next.

So it was the case the other day.  I am not sure why I was looking for a button, but in the bin with my button jars, I came across two dishes full of nick-nacks.  And among those trinkets and such, I fund a handful or more of shrinky dink charms I made long ago and used to sell at a boutique in Gilbert.

The shrinky dinks had Arabic symbols with the English interpretation underneath it.  Going through all those made me forget why I needed a button in the first place and I got all excited about making something with the shrinky dinks I found.

So here…work in progress….shrink dinks and fabric scraps, put together with few machine stitches and few hand stitches and little works of art emerge.  These will soon be necklaces.

wpid-img_20141216_044426.jpg wpid-img_20141216_044544.jpg

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