Valentine mini cards and handmade envelopes

Some weeks ago my little second hand (make that double second hand) laptop broke.  It won’t connect to the internet anymore, even with an adapter.  This made it inconvenient for me to blog, as I mostly blogged from bed.  Sitting behind a regular PC, behind a desk didn’t sound appealing, as I do that 8 hrs a day at my day job.  So it all made it look as if I’d abandoned this blog.  But I really haven’t.  I have been busy crafting, which is the most important.

Here are some cards that I sent out to friends that requested one over Valentine.
mini valentine cards

And the envelopes, that I made out of old Home Repair book and washi tape.


Here are some other news:

May 3, I have a vendor booth at Junk in the Trunk (at Westworld – Scottsdale).  Come on out and see me if you are in the Phoenix area.

I also have a vendor case at Merchant Square, the antique mall on Arizona Avenue in Chandler.

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