It’s been some time since I’ve played around with soldering.  Yesterday after dropping the kids off to school and coming home to a quiet house, it seemed as a good opportunity to solder.

I used some scrapbooking paper I had on hand, but added stamps to it.  See I must add a little personal touch to everything, even things that are ready to use materials.

After setting up the work table for soldering I needed to cut some glass.  Our backyard has a workshop, a garage like room with tools and gardening stuff, but also a worktable that has become my glass cutting station.  I got scared by a bee that buzzed too close to my hands cutting glass, so I cut what I could quickly.  Funny because I had set to use paper with bee images already.

Here are the results.

shot_1376681144524 shot_1376681189697 shot_1376692011893 1150190_10201785853704053_305415613_n


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