The book of tea

Eventually I will get to making books or journals from paper, but for now here is another fabric book.  After making my circus book a couple of weeks ago, I felt I needed to make another one.  I am reading a book titled “The book of Tea” so I named my book the same.

tea book coverThis time for the pages inside I am trying to dye my own fabric.  Dying fabric can get somewhat messy, but I am cheating.  I am wetting the fabric and then applying some ink by either soaking or spraying the fabric.  I am adding plants and berries for a more natural tie-dye look.  Then letting the desert sun do the rest.

This method is not good for dying fabric that will end up being a garment.  You will have to pre-treat your fabric to be able to take the dye better and withstand washing once it’s a garment.  Look up a tutorial online, please don’t follow my quick dye work.

But because I am using the fabric for book pages, that will hardly ever need to be washed, I am deciding to cheat and not be proper.

shot_1373736370799(walnut ink, plus blueberries)

shot_1373736243309(walnut ink, Dylusions ink spray in bubblegum, stamps, and fabric markers)

As you can see I have a long way to go.  But it’s fun to see results that you aren’t sure what they are going to look like when you start.  It’s like a surprise.  And I like surprises.

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