There is one thing that I wished I was better at, and that’s drawing.   I admire the drawings of my four year old daughter, and her freedom when she picks up a pen and a blank paper and without hesitation she covers it in no time with figures, shapes, hearts.

But I can’t do that.  Too afraid that it won’t look good, as if it were going up on a wall at the museum.  I’ve tried talking to myself, assuring me that whatever I put down it would be for my eyes only, but still nothing.

And so, yesterday morning I took a workshop on zentangle. I was either going to find zen, or I was going to get tangled and walk back crying to my sewing machine.

Here are my in-class practice zen doodles.

shot_1368221842879 shot_1368221857577 shot_1368221863636 shot_1368221872994 shot_1368221889615 shot_1368221905757

As soon as I came home, I took my newly learned skill and applied it.  I used shrinky dink plastic and some coloring pencils and got addicted making ‘zen-shrinkies’.


shot_1368243490466 shot_1368243498735 shot_1368243505234 shot_1368243512403

Don’t they look delicious?


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