Fabric Rings

Exciting news!  The summer issue of Sew Somerset is going to have some of my work in. In particular the fabric rings I’ve been making for the last year or so.  Sew Somerset is one of my favorite magazines and to be part of it is really an honor.

Like many publications by Stampington,  Sew Somerset can be found at Barnes and Nobles, or many craft stores carry it as well (Joann’s, Michaels, or the non-chain local scrapbooking/mixed media stores), or you could order a copy from Stampington’s web site.  It comes out June 1, so if you are craft and fiber enthusiast pick up a copy.  It has many great artists in it.

Here is a picture of a few of my fabric rings.  My cell phone photography doesn’t come close to compare to the images in Sew Somerset.


fabric rings

ps. I do have a few rings for sale on my etsy site, I really need to add more.

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